Thunderstone Quest was voted by the community onto three of the 2018 Board Game Geek “Most Anticipated” Top 20 lists.


NOTICE TO BACKERS IN THE EU: We were made aware of a problem with some shipments on 14 FEB. The EU Depot incorrectly processed the Premium Sleeve add-ons. Each Sleeve unit consists of 100 Sleeves in an interior package, wrapped in an exterior envelope. The Depot broke open the exteriors and shipped the interiors as individual units. So people who ordered 4 packs of Sleeves got 4×100 Sleeves instead of 4×500 Sleeves. We are now working this problem and will have a resolution as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

NOTICE TO BACKERS IN THE UK:  On 16FEB we have been made aware that there are some orders in the UK zone that do not have their Premium Sleeves. We’re working on this problem and we will be contacting the affected Backers ASAP. 

NOTICE TO BACKERS IN CANADA:  On 22FEB we have been made aware of the following: Two pallets of Canadian orders (~130 orders) were loaded on the FedEx truck along with the domestic US shipments, instead of being sent out in bulk to Canada. These packages did get scanned into FedEx so those ~130 backers may have received an email with incorrect tracking info from FedEx. They are being returned to the Depot, and will be processed again for normal delivery. If you received a notice about requiring a commercial invoice, please disregard it. We apologize for any confusion.


Deliveries Have Begun!


Depending on where you live your order will be shipped and delivered within a window of approximately 2 weeks starting Wednesday February 14th. Due to the variances inherent in shipping its impossible to predict a specific day when a given order will be received.

If you are in China, or being serviced from the Chinese Depot (Japan, Malaysia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, but not Australia or New Zealand), your shipment will be delayed due to Chinese New Year. You will begin to receive your shipments in mid-to-late March.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand your shipments may be delayed a week due to the backlog in the Australian Depot. As we get more info we’ll post it here.

Backers in Mexico, Central & South America and Africa, and parts of Europe not in the EU (+ Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland) will receive their Rewards as quickly as reasonably possible but we can’t estimate delivery times. These Rewards will ship from the US and EU Depots at the same time as the rest of the Backer shipments but previous experience tells us that delivery will be impossible to predict.


The Pledge Manager is closed.


Shipping to Backers

ETA: 14 FEB 2018 / Start of March
Deliveries have begun!

Backers in the US and the EU should receive their Rewards in a 2-week window beginning on the 19th.

Backers in Canada should receive their Rewards at the same time but there may be a week delay (these Rewards are being prepared for shipment in the US, then they’re trucked across the border and shipped to Backers and that process may experience delays due to customs and logistics)

Backers in China and backers serviced from the China Depot (Malaysia, Japan, Viet Nam, the Philippines, etc.) will be delayed by the Chinese New Year and will receive their Rewards in mid-to-late March.

Backers in Australia and New Zealand may be delayed by the backlog in the Australian Depot. Expect a 1-week delay and we’ll continue to update this information as we get more insight into the schedule Down Under.


Prepare to Ship to Backers


All Shipments Delivered

End of March
We believe everyone should have received their Rewards by the end of March.

We are shipping all the Reward elements in a single box. You’ll get the base game, the Epic Add-On and Premium Sleeves all in one master outer carton. People who ordered Mystic Vale will receive it in a separate shipment from our on-line store which will be going out next week.

If you receive an incomplete or damaged shipment (except for the Premium Sleeve issue which we’re working on already) please email immediately. Keep pictures of all packing materials and the damaged contents for our review.

It is not possible for us to know if every Backer will get an advance email with a tracking number but most will. Backers in the US, Canada and the EU will.


Delivery addresses are loaded into the fulfillment system and cannot be changed. You must update the postal system in your locale with your forwarding address if you will not be able to receive your Reward starting Monday February 19th. If you have not provided a forwarding address, you will be responsible for arranging to pick up the Reward if it is delivered to the address on file with our system, or paying for shipping to re-send the package if it is returned to our Depots.

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