Love Letter Archer Once You Go Blackmail

Did someone call for the world’s greatest secret agent? And if not, why not?

Who made that mess in the kitchen? Do you want ants, because that’s how you get ants!

Strap on your double Tek-9s, pop open a new bottle of champagne, and get ready to go into the Danger Zone!

Once You Go Blackmail… is a joint release from Cryptozoic Entertainment and Alderac Entertainment Group!

Once You Go Blackmail… is based on the award-winning world-wide hits Love Letter, by Alderac Entertainment Group, and animated smash hit FX series Archer!

Your mission is to dig up dirt on Malory Archer and sell it to the highest bidder. To succeed you’ll have to deal with secret agents, the HR department, ocelots, and a mad scientist.

ARCHER and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © FX Networks LLC.

Game Info

Players: 2–4
Game Time: 20 minutes
Ages: 10 and up


16 Game Cards
4 Reference Cards
13 Blackmail Tokens
1 Archer Pouch (in clamshell edition)

Retailer Info

Clamshell Edition

SKU: AEG 5117
ISBN: 7-29220-05117-2
MSRP: $11.99
Case Count: 36

Boxed Edition
SKU: AEG 5118
ISBN: 7-29220-05118-9
MSRP: $11.99
Case Count: 36