Smash Up 2017 Sheep Address Validator

2017 Smash Club Sheep Faction Deck Address Validator

Anyone can use this form to Validate an address for delivery, even if you did not previously sign up to receive the Sheep. If we do a 2nd round of shipments for the 2017 Sheep, and your address is validated (and you are in the US, Canada, or a member state of the EU) you’ll receive the Sheep if and when we do a 2nd round of shipments. There is no ETA on a 2nd round at this time.

In order to receive your Sheep Faction Deck you must validate your address. Verify that your name, address, city, state, ZIP or Postal Code and Country are correct. Make changes as necessary.

To receive your Sheep Deck you must provide a valid First Name, Last Name, and delivery address including your Country.

You must click the submit button on this form to validate your address even if all the data is correct. If you have not validated your address you will not receive the Sheep Faction Deck.

Sheep Decks will only be mailed at our expense to respondents in the United States, Canada and member states of the European Union (including the United Kingdom) and we reserve the right to cancel any shipment to any person or address at our discretion.  Sheep Decks are limited to one per household.  Delivery of Sheep Decks to recipients in other countries or territories will be contingent on collection of shipping and customs duties (if any) via our on-line store.

If you are not in the US, Canada, or a member state of the EU (including the United Kingdom), you will receive information on how to order the Sheep Deck via our On-Line Store AFTER you have validated your delivery address.[